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The Advanced Bible Study Series or ABSS is held every year February in Gemunden. This is a week of intense Bible study, fellowship and exchanging ideas in the beauty of the Taunus area of Germany.

On this site you can find information on how to attend ABSS, how to find Gemunden or to download the most recent audio files of the lessons if you couldn't make it.

ABSS 2020

NewsPosted by Paul Brazle 07 Nov, 2019 13:18:49

Do you have ABSS 2020 on your calendar? Are you planning to be with us?

ABSS I Feb 18-21, and ABSS II Feb 21-23

Our keynote speaker will be Rick Atchley from Ft Worth Texas.

Our other speakers are lined up as well:

Patrick Boyns (Peterborough, UK), Craig Hutson (Dublin, IRL) and Craig Young (Marseille FR)

Rick's topic for ABSS I:

"The Bible Doesn’t Say That"—a look at a number of popular Christian clichés the Bible never endorses

We expect to have a flyer ready with more details on topics, etc. within 2-3 weeks. Let us know if you are planning to come. Or if you need more info to make your plans. Don't miss this feast of fellowship and learning!

Paul Brazle - Coordinator ABSS

Advanced Bible Study Series - Gemünden, Germany

Tel (Belgium) +32 488 481 082

email: abss.gemunden@gmail.com

on Facebook: ABSS - Gemünden, Germany

(Note: If you need more details to make your plans, we will have the updated logistics document ready soon, but let us know and we can provide the previous one with most of that info. Costs including room and board and fees, for ABSS I will be around 108 euro. Rick is also our speaker on Saturday during ABSS II.)

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