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The Advanced Bible Study Series or ABSS is held every year February in Gemunden. This is a week of intense Bible study, fellowship and exchanging ideas in the beauty of the Taunus area of Germany.

On this site you can find information on how to attend ABSS, how to find Gemunden or to download the most recent audio files of the lessons if you couldn't make it.

ABSS II 2008

Audio filesPosted by Scott Raab 04 Mar, 2008 22:41:11
Here below are the links for the audio files for ABSS II. Philip Slate taught on "Christian Beliefs that Sustain Spiritual Life".

Immanuel:God is with us
Justification:Peace with God
Judgement:Justice, finally!
Hope:Anchor of the soul

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ABSS I 2008

Audio filesPosted by Scott Raab 04 Mar, 2008 08:54:27
Below are the links to the audio files for the lessons during the first session of ABSS. Click on a link to open the file and listen. You can download the file by saving it to your computer.

Philip Slate - The Transmission of the Christian Faith
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Lesson 6
Lesson 7

Jim Krumrei - The Holy Spirit- Then and Now
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4

Craig Young - Galatians: I do not set aside the grace of God
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4

Bob Eckman - The church on Mars
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4

ABSS Extras
Introduction evening
Devotional 2
Devotional 3
2 Songs and a Prayer 1
2 Songs and a Prayer 2
Book reports

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How to get to Gemünden

DirectionsPosted by Scott Raab 04 Mar, 2008 08:18:36
Gemünden lies 30-35 km beyond the north edge of Frankfurt, somewhere in the hills between Usingen and Bad Camberg.... GOOD LUCK!!!

No, seriously... to reach the Bibelfreizeitheim Gemünden (Bible free-time 'orb')
Goldhecker Weg 6
D-61276 Weilrod-Gemünden
Tel 49 (0)6083-941036
Tel 49 (0)6083-941035 (concierge Gerlinde/Günter)

1) from Bad Camburg (on the A3 Fankfurt-Köln)....
Drive into Bad Camburg, over tracks and on to a T-intersection with a stoplight. Turn right. As you leave the town (1.5k) turn left - direction Usingen. Follow this road several km until you come to another T-junction with highway 275 (at a small place called Tenne) where you turn left - direction Usingen.
Drive through Riedelbach. After about 4 more km there are several curves in the road and a town (Neuweilnau) on your left. As you pass, you may see the ruins of a castle tower ahead. Soon you will pass the town and after a sharp bend to the right, always on the same road, you will then turn to the left, up the hill, direction Altweilnau. (You pass a first left turn-off here, back down into Neuweilnau.) Up the hill, after driving by the old tower and a bend to the right, you want to take a left turn (following the 'through traffic' indication) - direction Oberlauken. Drive through Oberlauken to Niederlauken and there - about 70m after the road bends to the right and - you have your first sign for Gemünden, a left turn.
As (having driven about 2 km) you enter the edge of Gemünden, there will be a lumber yard (SORG). Over your left shoulder (a sharp turn-around) is the Goldhecker Weg (landmark - an electrical service hut). Drive up the hill passing a couple of houses (right side) then about 300m and you come to the Bibelfreizeitheim.

2) from the other direction.... Usingen (A5 Frankfurt-Giessen)
Exit the A5 at "Ober-Mörlen" (no.14) and follow 275 through Usingen. After leaving Usingen, follow signs for Niederlauken (right at first and/or second turnoffs, in case of second, direction Hundstadt - Laubach....) and then refer to the above information

(Note – from Frankfurt, you can also take the 456 into Usingen from Oberursel-Nord.)

3) or come to the Usingen train station and we will arrange to pick you up.
(Try to pre-arrange, so we don't make extra trips. About 15 min each way.)
Or, if you're really adventurous, there is also a bus connection from Usingen to Gemünden.

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