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The Advanced Bible Study Series or ABSS is held every year February in Gemunden. This is a week of intense Bible study, fellowship and exchanging ideas in the beauty of the Taunus area of Germany.

On this site you can find information on how to attend ABSS, how to find Gemunden or to download the most recent audio files of the lessons if you couldn't make it.

More info soon. This for now.

NewsPosted by Paul Brazle 08 Jan, 2019 11:12:06

We are trying to get together the added details to complete our info and registration pakket for ABSS 2019.

If you want to be sure you get that, or if you know you want to plan to come in any case, just send us a note:

@ abss.gemunden@gmail.com

We can tell you:
- costs will be similar to last time (pp/pd - 27eur, so 108 for ABSS I, 54 for ABSS II)
- our program will be offering a couple of special new features this time
- Stephanie (of Chez Stephanie -- Lausanne) is comin gback to cook!

Please tell us:
- if you are coming for ABSS I or ABSS II or BOTH!


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