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The Advanced Bible Study Series or ABSS is held every year February in Gemunden. This is a week of intense Bible study, fellowship and exchanging ideas in the beauty of the Taunus area of Germany.

On this site you can find information on how to attend ABSS, how to find Gemunden or to download the most recent audio files of the lessons if you couldn't make it.

More info soon. This for now.

NewsPosted by Paul Brazle 08 Jan, 2019 11:12:06

We are trying to get together the added details to complete our info and registration pakket for ABSS 2019.

If you want to be sure you get that, or if you know you want to plan to come in any case, just send us a note:

@ abss.gemunden@gmail.com

We can tell you:
- costs will be similar to last time (pp/pd - 27eur, so 108 for ABSS I, 54 for ABSS II)
- our program will be offering a couple of special new features this time
- Stephanie (of Chez Stephanie -- Lausanne) is comin gback to cook!

Please tell us:
- if you are coming for ABSS I or ABSS II or BOTH!


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ABSS 2019 flyer

NewsPosted by Paul Brazle 30 Nov, 2018 00:22:07

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NewsPosted by Paul Brazle 28 Nov, 2018 01:38:24


We are needing to post the new info for ABSS 2019....


Dates are (true to tradition) the 3rd full week of February.... (Monday 18 FEB)

So ABSS I starts on Tue AM (19th) and

ABSS II starts on Friday PM (22nd)...

More soon, but email if you want receive the details when they are available.


see you there! Paul B

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ABSS 2018 - February

NewsPosted by Scott Raab 16 Nov, 2017 12:14:39

Hi there!

Time to be sure that ABSS - "Advanced Bible Study Series" is included in your calendar and planning for this coming year. Note the dates below and make your plans to be with us.

ABSS I is February 20-23, 2018 (Tue-Fri) and
ABSS II is February 23-25, 2018 (Fri-Sun)

(More details about our program - speakers and their topics - will be appearing here soon. We will also send an update by email. If you want to be sure you receive that, send us a note at abss.gemunden@gmail.com )

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Mark Your Calendar

NewsPosted by Paul Brazle 03 Dec, 2016 18:14:54

Just an early December reminder...

to mark ABSS on your calendar: Week of 13 FEB 2017

Also be reminded to note that this may be a week sooner than you thought.
Normally we hold to the third 'full' week. This time:

ABSS I - 14-17 Feb (tue am - fri noon) (but please plan to come in Monday PM)

and ABSS II - 17-19 FEB (fri pm - sun noon)

A bit of program info:

Presenters this year 'include':
Tony Coffey - long-time evangelist in Dublin, Ireland
Ben Langford - Director, Center for Global Missions, Oklahoma Christian Univ.
(and past missionary to Uganda)
John Osborne - Director, International Programs, Oklahoma Christian Univ.
(and Communications instructor, past work in Japan)

More details available soon, but send a note if you want to be sure you personally receive your ABSS 2017 Announce-Flyer document. abss.gemunden@gmail.com

Paul B

+32/488 481 082 (mobile and voice mail)


ABSS is 'Advanced Bible Study Series' (Gemünden, Germany)

Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/697781630273815/

(Disclaimer: The hills pictured are not those of 'Taunus' in the region of Frankfurt, but the text shown is taken from the same Bible we will be studying together.)

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ABSS dates - 2017

NewsPosted by Paul Brazle 14 Nov, 2016 13:36:21

ABSS -- 2017

Wanted to get word out to one and all:
(you may not be 'all' but you are 'one')

ABSS Dates 2017 --- week of 13 FEB !!

Image result for bible quotes about nature
ABSS Dates 2017 --- week of 13 FEB !!

Note please that this may a week earlier than you expected, and mark your calendar/agenda/personal-planner/gizmo accordingly.
(Traditionally we take the 3rd full week - from Monday; this 'aberrates' only very slightly from that.)

ABSS I - 13-17 Feb (tue am - fri noon)
and ABSS II - 17-19 FEB (fri pm - sun noon)

More info on the program(me) will appear soon!

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Costs for 2016

CostPosted by Paul Brazle 07 Dec, 2015 09:46:52
Just a quick note here that we are setting the fee this year at €28 per day (ABSS 2016).

This covers room and board and leaves us something to use for Admin.
So ABSS I (if you are there 4 nights) will run €112 per person
and ABSS II (Fri & Sat nights) is €56.

Some family discounts can apply from a 3rd person and be reminded that 'schaolarships' are available.

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ABSS (announce flyer) 2016

NewsPosted by Paul Brazle 07 Dec, 2015 09:41:22


Feb 16-19 and Feb 19-21, 2016

Gemünden, Germany

All are welcome to attend either or both sessions…

ABSS I runs from Tuesday AM through Friday noon (arrival encouraged from Monday evening!). The daily schedule is for 5-6 sessions (of 50 minutes), but we include a long afternoon break to enjoy your choice of the nature or the fellowship (or both).

ABSS II is a family-friendly*, weekend retreat from Friday evening through Sunday after lunch, with a 1-day seminar on Saturday (but still a long afternoon break) followed by an informal assembly Sunday.

(* We want to accommodate families, but everyone is welcome.)

This year’s presenters:

Keynote presenter….

Jim McGuiggan (Nashville, Tennessee)

“Reflections on God, Life and People”

Patrick Boyns (Peterborough, UK)

“Leadership Today - Principles and Aspects”

Doyle Kee (Geneva)

“Modern Idolatry and the Mission Task”

Craig Young (Marseille, FR)

“Leadership Emergence”

For ABSS II - Jim McGuiggan will present on:

The Church and “The Powers” and Gospeling to the “Oppressed”


For additional information and more details on the program, contact:

Paul Brazle - ABSS Coordinator

Maria Clarastraat 13 - 2160 Wommelgem (Antwerpen) - BELGIUM

tel - + 32/3/366.01.36 (abss.gemunden@gmail.com) or check website: abssgemunden.be

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